Fairtrade at the Big Weekend!




Sadly, we have had to cancel our stall at the Big Weekend. It will be a great event anyway, so we hope everyone enjoys the day.



The Cambridge City Fairtrade Group are proud to be hosting a stall at the Big Weekend Food Fair on Parker’s Piece this Saturday (5th July)

Please pop along and visit the stall for Fairtrade snacks, including chocolate.  We will also have stock of Ubuntu Cola, so if you’ve not tried Fairtrade cola before, Saturday is your chance.

In addition, there will be a range of other stall holders offering top quality local produce, and we are pleased that the organisers have asked for all tea, coffee and chocolate to be Fairtrade wherever possible.

On Twitter, look for Ubuntu Cola – @NatBevFruitHit and @Big WeekendFood for the event itself

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Is there a global cocoa crisis on the horizon?

With Easter Eggs still lurking in the cupboards of many UK homes, there has been a recent rash of articles in the press warning of a global cocoa crisis. This could result in a shortage of chocolate, and smaller easter eggs next year, we are told.

easter eggs
The increasing worldwide demand for chocolate is said to be the cause, with some articles explicitly blaming Chinese people’s growing taste for chocolate.  For example, the Times ran with the headline “Chinese chocoholics cause cocoa crisis”. This seems an extraordinary position to take, particularly as they also claim that the typical British child receives eight Easter eggs.
However, there is an interesting point about the increase in “Western” tastes across the world resulting in a growing homogenisation of consumption patterns and increasing demand for limited crops, including cocoa and coffee.
The Fairtrade Foundation emphasise supply issues surrounding cocoa. Barbara Crowther, policy and public affairs director at the Fair Trade Foundation, says: “We need to look behind the causes of this low supply.
“If you go to the cocoa farms there are farmers still living on less than $2 a day. Many communities don’t have electricity or clean, pumped water.
“Life is hard and young people are thinking ‘I don’t want to be a cocoa farmer, I would rather move to the city for a better life’.
There is an article about the possible cocoa crisis in the Daily Express, through this link.

You can read the Fairtrade Foundation’s report on cocoa here.

Fairtrade Chocolate in Lion Yard!!

We will be in Lion Yard today (19 April), celebrating Easter, Fairtrade and chocolate! Why not join us?!?

How can Fairtrade help eliminate child labour?

Producer groups need to be directly engaged if child labour is to be addressed and eliminated, according to the Fairtrade Foundation. A recent article in the Guardian explores this theme, and steps the Fairtrade movement has taken recently to empower local groups within the governance of Fairtrade International.


You can read the article here




The newspapers have suddenly been full of stories about a worldwide banana crisis.  This story isn’t a surprise to some members of the Cambridge City Fairtrade Group who have visited banana-growing communities.  Small scale banana farmers, even in remote communities, have been aware of problems for some time.  The Fairtrade Foundation has an interesting article about the reality of Bananageddon – you can read it here.



84% of Britons willing to pay more for ‘fair’ bananas

A poll has revealed that the majority of consumers would agree to pay more for bananas if this means that farmers have better wages and working conditions.

The survey by the Fairtrade Foundation has been released on the second week of the Fairtrade Fortnight, which is focusing on bananas. Bananas price has almost halved over the past decade, despite farmers facing an 85% increase in the production cost.


According to the new poll, 84% of consumers said they would pay more for bananas, if this means better lives for farmers in developing countries and 60% believed that the government should step in to investigate the policies of retailers.

Surprisingly, 40% of interviewees believed the price of bananas had increased, despite being the opposite. More than half of respondent (58%) think that supermarkets should increase prices to a level that ensures fair conditions for banana farmers.

Read more at www.blueandgreentomorrow.com

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Fairtrade Fortnight: Making Bananas Fair

A Message from the Fairtrade Foundation:

Firstly, thanks for the thousands of events that you have organised. from banana shake stalls and coffee mornings to banana splits and Fairtrade debates. Groups showed amazing creativity in the events they organised to support the campaign to make bananas fair. Foncho himself was overwhelmed by the reception you gave him. “It’s the people – the Fairtrade Foundation and all the supporters, the people, who push Fairtrade forward and enable Fairtrade to have an impact for me and other farmers. Supporters in the UK have received me like a member of their own family.”  


Thanks to your efforts we now have over 30,000 petition signatures. Together we have succeeded in highlighting the impact that unfair supermarket pricing has on banana producers like Foncho.
However, we urgently need more petition signaturesto convince the government to act. By showing that more consumers and supporters care about the futures of millions of banana farmers and workers we can give Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, a mandate he cannot ignore. If our retailers can’t or won’t act we must make sure he intervenes by calling for a market investigation into the banana industry and protecting those who grow the UK’s favourite fruit.

We have just a few weeks to go before we hand the petition in. Please sign the petition online here. You can also collect signatures on our petition form and send them back to the Fairtrade Foundation by 5 May.

Now more than ever, every signature counts.


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